Volunteer Program

Volunteer caregiver program

TAFU was successful in obtaining funds from KBO Netherlands to develop a volunteer caregiver project linking volunteers to isolated older persons. The project was established in the Wakiso district in the Bulondo and Bakka villages with 10 volunteers from each village caring for 2 persons each, visiting them twice a week for an hour.

Volunteers were trained in basic care of older persons and in First Aid and were provided with a First Aid kit. They were supported by a volunteer coordinator who was provided with a bicycle and reimbursed for travel and expenses.

Volunteers found their work rewarding, giving a sense of satisfaction of helping another person and in demonstrating respect for elders. Volunteers also enjoyed the sense of belonging to the community of TAFU and were proud of their new skills and knowledge.

TAFU was also successful in obtaining individual funds from international volunteers to train more volunteer care givers in the Wasiko District. Unfortunately, the older persons who were being cared for have now been displaced as the land was bought and the older people evicted.

Befriending Program

TAFU has also established a befriending program. The program worked in a similar way to a sponsorship program. TAFU identified older persons in need, recruited them into the program, shared their story and needs and then linked them to a befriender. Volunteer befrienders in Uganda can visit, provide companionship and practical provisions. Befrienders outside Uganda can provide funds for needed provisions – from basics such as sugar, salt and bedding, providing equipment and access to medications to repairing dilapidated houses.

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