Projects in Bamunanika, Luweero District

The Aged Family Uganda (TAFU) has concentrated its efforts in Bamunanika in the Luweero District that covers 12 Parishes. Many of the needy older people in Bamunanika are veterans of NRA liberation war, who spent most of their time fighting and did not prepare for their old age. Others are widows who lost their husbands to war or those who lost their property to the war, or through land grabbing by merciless people. Many have lost children due to war or HIV/AIDS.
In African culture, children traditionally look after their older relatives but the prevailing economic conditions mean that some people are too poor to do so .As a result older people need clothing, financial help to cater for their immediate basic needs like food, health related issues, materials like blankets, mattresses, and help to maintain their houses.

The Aged Family Uganda (TAFU), working with Dr John Christom Muyinga the Area member of Parliament for Bamunanika have tried to set up Elderly initiative projects.

The projects include:
  1. Voluntary care giving where voluntary caregivers are trained to provide voluntary care to older persons.
  2. Provision of basic requirements like sugar, salt, soap, blankets and food.
  3. Paying school fees for young people staying with older persons and more especially the grand children whose parents died of HIV/AIDS.
  4. Setting up money generating projects like poultry, piggery and cattle keeping.
Volunteer caregivers have been helping out older people so they can now enjoy old age by helping then with household chores such as fetching water and firewood. TAFU started with providing assistance to 15 elders aged 75 and above from each of the five sub- counties of the county and through individual donors we have been able to increase assistance to 200 elders. However, there is still lot more people that need help.

Your donation can change a life and make a helpless person smile.

We wish to thank the following people and companies that have come up to help our elders; Wavah water, Movit company, Seeta High Schools, Kakoola High School, Mr. Emmanuel Katongole( Quality Chemicals). These have instilled the spirit of charity in the students in their schools and the parents and have continuously donated to the elderly in Bamunanika constituency.