Functional Adult Literacy (FAL) Program

TAFU has conducted a FAL Program (in Kampala and Wakiso) targeting older persons in 2004 to 2007 through one off Government funding. Unfortunately, no further government funds are available for older persons. There are many older persons who are still interested in completing the program. The program runs for 2 hours 3 evenings a week for one year. There are three stages. The beginning and intermediate stages are conducted in the local language and the advanced stage is on English. TAFU have instructors already trained who are able to run further courses if funding was available.

Through the program, older persons learn to read and write key words that help them in their day to day activities eg: counting money, signing their names and opening a bank account, learning how to follow instructions about medications (take two tablets twice a day) for themselves and for those they are caring for. The FAL Program has a training manual that also includes education about nutrition, sanitation and hygiene, crop rotation, agriculture and economics.

For $1000, 20 older persons can complete the FAL Program. This covers an allowance and travel for the instructor, books and pens for the participants.

Donations are most welcome.